FractalGUI 5.5

FractalGUI is a program written to generate fractal hieghtmaps. It outputs raw text with numbers, for easy understanding, and usability. It has a preview feature, so you can see what the fractal will be like. This program was used to create the sky and landscapes used by glengine.

The basic fractal this program outputs is a simple fbm fractal created from adding noise that was generated by cosine interpolating white noise. There is also a option to use multifractals.You can also edit the hieghtmap by clicking the preview. Left clicking will increase the hieght, and right clicking will decrease it. FractalGUI is included in the glengine and precompiled glengine demo zips. You can also download the code here.

This program is free for non commercial use, but while you are here, it would be nice if you would sign up for hotdispatch with the number 103156561(you may not have to enter it if you just click on the link). It costs nothing, it's a very nice site, and I get money for referring people, so we all win :-).